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Adding curb appeal to our property is something that we all want to achieve, but it could be one of the hardest things to do. Your neighbors will greatly admire the flawless lawn if you make an effort to look after it. A lawn sprinkler system is the best way to keep your outdoor space looking green and healthy all summer long and suitable for all budgets.

Also, as responsible homeowners, it is important to think about how much water we use and how it affects the environment. We may think that hand watering our lawns and plants will use less water, but that is not always the case.

If you only have a normal-sized garden or a few shrubs and flowers, then it makes sense to use a watering can. However, if you are using a lot of water every day to keep your gardens in tip-top shape, then it’s time to reconsider.

An automatic grass sprinkler system can save you water. It is designed to use the exact amount of water needed. At Tucson Irrigation, we carry out a complete survey and evaluation of your lawn and gardens to ensure that we install the correct system. This means that there is a minimum amount of water waste, just like all our eco-friendly systems. There will be no more forgetting to turn off the hose or tap leaking pipes; the sprinkler system will do it all for you.

Tucson Sprinkler System

Maintaining a luscious and green lawn is the best reason to have a lawn sprinkler system installed in your Tucson home or property. They give you the convenience of automatically watering your lawn. While lawn sprinkler systems may be a bit costly, it is not true that they are a waste of money, or only for owners who are too lazy to water their lawns. In reality, choosing a lawn sprinkler system actually saves you money because it ensures that you only use the right amount of water for your lawn, keeping your water bills in check.

Why Get A Sprinkler System?

Using a hose to water your lawn will waste your time, effort, and money. Apart from that, it also does not provide enough water for your grass, because it would be quite difficult to ensure that you target the roots correctly. But with lawn sprinkler systems, you’re sure your plants get the right amount of water in the right place. This reduces the likelihood that your lawn will experience drought and avoid the costly task of replacing dead grass, saving you more money. In addition to all these is the benefit of not having to pay much attention to your lawn because of the automation. A lawn sprinkler system also enhances the worth and curb appeal of the property.

Are you interested in having a sprinkler system installed on your property? Call us today. For years, we have been servicing homeowners in Tucson catering to their lawn sprinkler system and irrigation needs. Let’s work together to make your lawn the best it can be.

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Watering an average garden in Tucson, Arizona, can take at least an hour out of a person’s day, just spent handling the hose to water a relatively small portion. Portable sprinkler systems can be forgotten, leading to a lot of water wastage and poor distribution. This leaves some areas soaked and other areas too dry. Your most important asset is time, and you’ll save a ton of it when you get your own automated sprinkler system. Choosing a lawn sprinkler system is essential for your lawn irrigation needs. Our team can help you analyze which kind of sprinkler system is best suited to your lawn and reap the most benefits every year.

Spray Irrigation: This is the most common type of grass sprinkler system. As the name suggests, this type of lawn sprays water directly over the lawn. Long tubes are embedded in the lawn and attached to the water source. Then the water will shoot out of the tubes using the sprayer. Usually, a center pivot is used were fixed points are forming a large irrigation circle. Sprinklers are installed on the top of the tubes and rotate throughout the landscape. Such types of sprinklers are good for light soil types. They can also be controlled by an electrical device, making operation easier and more flexible.

Automatic Irrigation: An automatic sprinkler system ensures that your plants always receive an optimal level of care. Once programmed, a reliable watering system will take care of the work — leaving you to enjoy your leisure time.

If you are curious about which sprinkler system would be best for your garden, our team can provide an on-site consultation to assess your property’s needs. We will review your preferences, timelines, and requirements of your existing landscape during our initial visit. We will use this information to create a customized irrigation solution that will meet your property’s needs and match your needs.

Our team has vast experience working with landscaping contractors to install the necessary pipe and wiring systems to support a brand new lawn sprinkler system for residential homes in Tucson and nearby areas.

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If you are currently manually watering your lawn, you may want to install an automatic lawn sprinkler system. Automatic sprinkler systems are the most dependable way for you to instantly take care of and maintain your lawn. They make your life much easier, saving you time and money and adding value to your home. An is an excellent way to keep your yard and landscaping watered efficiently. It removes the difficulty of driving around a hose or the burden of paying outrageous water bills.

It can be time-consuming to water your lawn manually. You may need to have a few hoses on hand that are long enough to reach your entire property. This may cause you to spend unnecessary time dragging them around like water. Manual irrigation also requires you to periodically rotate your sprinklers to new areas and pay attention to the amount of time that a sprinkler stays in the same location.

One of the best benefits of an automatic sprinkler system is that you could have sprinkler heads installed throughout your lawn to ensure that every inch of your property is watered evenly and sufficiently. And the best part of that? You are not required to pay attention to how long or how often the sprinklers are running every day.

It’s easy to overwater your lawn, but the automatic sprinkler system conserves water by directing it to specific areas that needed it. The correct amount of water at the proper time ensures that your plants look greener and healthier.

Contact us now and let us make your lawn look the best it can be!

Sprinkler System Contractors

Are your gardens and lawns showing recurring signs of wet or dry spots? Is your store-bought sprinkler system just not getting the job done? If you see that your landscaping is suffering from issues like these or no longer looking its best, we can surely help.

At Tucson Irrigation, we provide homeowners in Tucson and nearby areas with custom, high-quality irrigation systems that will ensure your home’s landscaping is healthy and beautiful. Our experts are trained in the business field and know what it takes to keep your lawn pretty. They make sure that everything is done efficiently and correctly so that you don’t have anything to worry about. Expert sprinkler contractors have a working knowledge of how to determine zones, layout systems, calculate and set water pressures, and strategically position sprinkler heads for best coverage. Reputable contractors may provide models of previous work, usually including testimonials from past customers.

Even if you know the basics of sprinkler system set-up and installation, you can take a look at the details of landscaping. When planning and installing your system, consideration should be given to the types of plants and their exposure to sunlight and water requirements. Experienced contractors like us can assess each factor of your yard and design a system specifically designed to meet your property requirements.

From the installation of your new lawn sprinkler system to regular maintenance throughout the year, our team is your complete irrigation solution. Get your property looking the best with a new sprinkler system now.

Sprinkler System

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