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Sprinkler System Repair

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Sprinkler System Repair

Troubleshooting or repair of sprinkler systems is our specialty here at Tucson Irrigation. If you are frustrated with your sprinkler or drip irrigation, just call us. Our sprinkler repair services can take care of damaged sprinkler heads, leaking valves, or busted pipes in your Tucson home or property. We can replace cracked hoses or emitters for drip irrigation and troubleshoot the system.

With our industry-leading expertise, we could handle all kinds of irrigation repairs. Our sprinkler system repair team has a reputation for putting our clients first in everything we do. We are absolutely committed to taking care of irrigation and sprinkler system issues, and ensuring that you are 100 % satisfied with our repair services. Call us today and let us show you why we are Tucson’s favorite sprinkler system company.

Tucson Sprinkler System Repair

We at Tucson Irrigation make sure that your irrigation system is not just in tiptop condition, but it’s also running smoothly and efficiently. We can get your lawn sprinkler system up and running properly again so that you can enjoy the lush, healthy, and pristine landscape that you deserve.

When you contact our team of specialists, you can always count on us to arrive in our clean vehicles on time. Our professionals are respectful, in uniform, ready to get to work. We are always driven to take care of all your sprinkler system concerns so that you and your family can enjoy a green landscape in your Tucson home.

If you want to switch from the manual sprinklers to an irrigation system or need to repair your existing irrigation system, do not wait to call the professionals at Tucson Irrigation. In no time at all, we will make your home irrigation system running as effectively as possible.

Sprinkler System Repair Tucson, AZ

You cannot rely on Mother Nature alone to take care of your lawn in Tucson. At some point in the summer months, your grass will start to burn and turn yellow. That is why it is necessary to take care of your sprinkler system and deal with any problems that may arise before costly repairs are needed. We suggest that you look at your spring system and check for these five warning signs that your sprinkler system needs to be repaired.

Uneven Watering

Look for water pools in different areas of your lawn or on the sidewalks and driveways that are soaked. Pay attention to any dry grass patches, too. These are indications that a head or two may have to be adjusted or that a valve needs to be examined.

Lost of Pressure

When there is a loss of pressure in the zone or head, and there is no spraying of water as it should be, this is a sign that something is malfunctioning in the system. Too little pressure will not deliver the water your yard needs, and too much pressure will wear out your system equipment prematurely. If the regulators and control valves seem fine, there could be a problem with the irrigation pipes. These pipes are prone to shifting soil and tree roots, just as plumbing pipes are.

Sputtering Heads

When the sprinkler heads start spraying off-target, they may be responding to a valve or pressure problem. They could, however, have developed cracks that alter their performance or become clogged with accumulated debris. Pop-up heads also move out of position and may need to be readjusted.

Dripping control valves

The valve is responsible for delivering the correct amount of water to each area of your yard. It is not normal for a well-operated valve to drip or leak continuously. Damping areas around pressure regulators and filters are a sign of trouble. Do not ignore the drips. Check the equipment for any grass clippings, dirt particles, molds, or bubbles.

High Water Bill

If your water bill suddenly gets high, you will want an irrigation professional like us to check your system. You could have a leak that would allow the water to escape from the pipes, causing the money to drain out of your wallet.

Now is the best time to tune your sprinkler system and make sure that all parts work correctly before you let it run all season long. Schedule an appointment today with Tucson Irrigation.

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Sprinkler Repair Near Me

Many homeowners are counting on having a sprinkler system that works properly to keep their lawns, plants, trees, flowers, and bushes looking green and healthy. In most situations, we rarely think of our irrigation system unless something goes wrong with it. Working with a professional irrigation company like us at Tucson Irrigation to perform regular irrigation service checks and repair will help you be on top of your sprinkler system. Seasonal controls and services can be performed on time to help protect your system from damage. Any required repairs to the sprinkler system could be fixed on-the-spot. Our irrigation system repair and maintenance is an important part of keeping your landscaping looking its best.

The whole point of getting a sprinkler system is that your lawn and landscaping can automatically be watered on a pre-set schedule, and you don’t have to think about it. As a result, we often ignore our sprinkler systems. We don’t pay attention to basic things like irrigation repair and service, neglecting them until they stop working or an obvious leak springs. Without proper sprinkler system repairs and seasonal service, even the highest quality irrigation system will require optimum performance maintenance.

Call us today to ensure that your sprinkler system won’t be causing headaches anytime soon.


Poor irrigation systems can threaten the health of your lawn and landscape. If you have irrigation problems, it is often necessary to call a professional in Tucson to diagnose and repair your irrigation system. There are many factors involved in the repair of the irrigation system; however, having your irrigation system fixed is well worth the expense.

No matter what your purpose for setting up an irrigation system was, it will need to be remedied at some point. Professional help will ensure that you get the best work for your money, and you can rest assured that you know the work has been done correctly.

Many elements are involved in the determination of irrigation system repair costs. Each repair is very unique due to the different nature of each setup.

If the sprinkler head needs to be repaired or the zone valve doesn’t work, or if the pipe is broken, the repair cost will usually be the same, no matter how big the yard is. Still, larger yards will have more heads, more valves, more pipes, and it may take more time to solve the problems. The more components there are, the more they will eventually need to be replaced. Over time, this will result in higher costs.

The size and extent of your problem will also determine the cost. If you have major problems and your entire system needs to be redesigned, you may need to prepare for a particularly large fee increase. Keep in mind that it is sometimes more effective to start with a new system or to invest in a comprehensive overhaul instead of dealing with recurring minor issues.

In general, if you have an irrigation system, it will have to be repaired at some time. All sprinkler systems have a lot of moving parts, and the moving parts will have to be replaced just like a car. Keep in mind that many factors determine the cost of your repair. Have a job done right, with good parts, and enjoy the landscape for years to come.

If you need a sprinkler system repair service that has a track record of efficiency and top-quality work, please don’t hesitate to call us today. Our experts can fix any issues your sprinkler system might have. Work with us today.

Sprinkler System Repair


You start to notice that some patch of your lawn is turning brown, while the rest is still a vibrant green. What is going on? You investigate and saw that your sprinklers are not working in these areas. After contemplating the issue for a while, you realize that you don’t know what to do, and you’ll need to contact your local lawn sprinkler repair service.

But how do you check through all the lawn sprinkler repair companies to find a reputable service that works in your best interests?

Here at Tucson Irrigation, we’re proud to check all of these recommendations and more! We are a licensed family-owned and operated business with years of experience. We live and work in the community, so we care about our neighbors and their homes as much as we care for our own. Our staff takes the time to completely explain what’s wrong with your system and why – we always want you to know what we are doing. Our service trucks are fully stocked with any part or component that may be required to repair your sprinkler system. Finally, we are pleased to offer sprinkler maintenance plans to ensure that your system is running smoothly for years to come.

We are proud of our business and look forward to helping you with your sprinkler system repairs. Please contact us for more details today.

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