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Ask ten different irrigation experts on how to install a single irrigation system, and you will get various answers. So how are you supposed to know how to set up the lifeblood of a landscape in your Tucson home? Although it is probably easier to explain what you don’t have to do, the following is my number one advice to get you on you ready to mastery of irrigation systems:

The irrigation system in Tucson, Arizona, is an entirely different system from the one installed, say, in New York or New Jersey. Overhead watering is not a great idea for anything other than lawns. Dividing the system into space zones (e.g., front yard, backyard, etc.) also causes issues.

Different plant types sharing the same watering system are wasteful and ill-advised (adjusting only the pressure-compensating emitters is only one of the necessary variables). The best way I have found to organize an irrigation system is to consider each kind of plant being watered.

Every category of plant material has very distinct requirements for water. For example, trees will benefit from deep, rare watering. At the same time, potted plants will want short bursts of moisture multiple times a day. We’ll talk about your preferences and budget and make a full assessment of your irrigation needs, including accurate measurements. We’ll plan your custom irrigation system after the consultation. Once the design and cost have been approved, a different valve assembly (including pressure regulation and filters) is required for each plant grouping. Call us today and let us turn your dream lawn into a reality.

Tucson Irrigation

The installation of an irrigation system is the ideal solution for residential and commercial landscapes in Arizona. It allows for precision irrigation, which helps plants thrive while reducing waste and conserving resources. With an irrigation system at your Tucson property, you can look forward to a reduced water bill and an eco-friendly home or business! Tucson Irrigation is looking forward to helping you choose the right irrigation system that works best for your plants and property. We offer irrigation repairs as well.

At Tucson Irrigation, we aim to be fully satisfied with your brand new irrigation system. This is why we focus on doing a thorough consultation. The process begins when we visit your property.

We’ll talk about your preferences and budget and make a full assessment of your irrigation needs, including accurate measurements. We’ll plan your custom irrigation system after the consultation. Once you approve the design and cost, we will schedule the installation of your system for a time that works best.

In some cases, a new system needs to be dug. We ‘re going to dig in a way that causes minimal disruption to your existing landscape. If you want to schedule an irrigation system installation in Tucson or have any questions about your upcoming appointment, please call us today!

Irrigation System Tucson AZ

If you deal with excess water bills every month, your lawn may be a matter of concern. For example, you may accidentally over-water your plants. As a result, you are left with a yard full of brown, shriveled-looking plants. Taking the time to ensure that your lawn is properly watered is a major undertaking. Luckily, there is a simple solution: upgrade to an automated irrigation system. A system like this is going to be perfect for anyone who prefers automated features. In addition to being more convenient, an automated irrigation system will also measure the amount of water needed to keep your plants healthy. As a result, you won’t have to worry about giving your plants too much — or too little — water.

Are you interested in the installation of an irrigation system on your property? Give us a call today! Our mission is to make Arizona gorgeous, one lawn at a time. We are committed to ensuring that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with our work. That’s why we always ensure that our team members have the knowledge and experience they need to deliver high-quality landscaping services. When you work with Tucson Irrigation, you can rest assured that you’ll get the top-notch services you deserve.

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Why Install an Irrigation System

Plants and grass require water to thrive and grow. If you want your Tucson Arizona lawn to look astounding, then having an irrigation system setup should be at the top of your list. A lot of homeowners understand that the irrigation system is going to help the yard look nice. Still, there are many other benefits you could enjoy after you have installed a sprinkler system.

Automated sprinkler systems are an excellent choice for any yard or garden. Since they’re automated, you won’t have to worry about giving your plants or grass too much water or too little. You’ll also save on water because you won’t use more than you need to keep your yard looking gorgeous. This will help not only with the appearance of your yard but also with your monthly utility bill. You do not have to be home to do this, either. Gone are the days you would come from a vacation or business trip to find your plants withered and deprived of water.

The irrigation system will increase the value of your home. After you have installed a sprinkler system, you will see a noticeable increase in your home’s value. This is achieved by having a more vibrant and healthy array of plants on display, as well as by having the irrigation system installed at all. Also, if you’re looking to sell and have an automated sprinkler system installed, you can free up your time working on other projects and fixes in your property that could add value as the yard would take care of itself for the most part.

You could help deter weeds and infection in your plants. No one likes to weed a garden. With some of the more targeted irrigation system options, you could have water delivered to the plants that you want to thrive and be strong. This helps to stop the germination of weed seeds. Limiting the water that is dispersed onto the leaves can reduce the chance of any blight or leaf disease.

You are in total control. The benefit of a modern sprinkler irrigation system installation is that you could determine how much water is distributed throughout your garden and where it is sprayed, sprinkled, or dried. This lets you manage complex plant arrangements and provide each of your flower beds or vegetable patches with an ample amount of water they need at any given time.

The first step in learning more exactly how you and your Tucson landscape will benefit from an irrigation system is to contact us today. By having a sprinkler irrigation system setup, you will fall in love with your garden once again.

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If you are looking for an expert, experienced, and reliable irrigation company here in Tucson, AZ, there’s no need for you to search far and wide because Tucson Irrigation is ready to help! We are a company that provides all kinds of irrigation related services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of different types of irrigation systems.

We can help you with the installation and repair of irrigation systems. Our irrigation technicians are some of the greatest in Tucson, and our work is guaranteed top-notch. We design and install sprinkler and drip irrigation systems in Tucson and surrounding areas. We will also fix issues with your existing sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Our irrigation experts will inspect your existing system for problems, make changes, and propose improvements.

Our professional, friendly, and responsible technicians have already worked on several projects in the region. Our reputation for reliable and fast services is why we keep our standards high.

Are you thinking about installing a new irrigation system for your plant or lawn? Your existing drip or sprinkler system may need to be repaired. Please contact us today!

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