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Is your irrigation system inefficient? Are the sprinklers watering down the street more than your grass? If so, it’s time for you to call the irrigation repair specialists at Tucson Irrigation as soon as possible. With industry-leading expertise and a reputation for constant customer satisfaction, our team can work with you to replace, repair, and resolve any problems you have with your irrigation system.

By ensuring that your irrigation system is functioning properly, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Your lawn and landscaping activities will be more sustainable
  • You will conserve water and limit the runoff of water
  • You are going to have a well-maintained water landscape

There are several benefits to having an efficient irrigation system. It’s more eco-friendly than manual sprinklers that can waste a lot of water, and it can keep your grass healthy all seasons. Having a stunning lawn increases the curb appeal of your home and can even increase its value.

Do not waste a moment! If you have a reason to believe that the sprinkler system is broken, we encourage you to contact our landscaping and lawn care specialists as soon as possible. Work with us today.

Tucson Irrigation Repair

It can be hard to know when to get in touch with the irrigation repair and service of your home sprinkler system; and when you can take care of the repairs yourself. While the average homeowner may undertake some small repairs, there are certain circumstances where professional sprinkler system repairs are required. Here are some irrigation issues that are best left to the experts at Tucson Irrigation:

Busted Sprinkler Heads – Another typical repair problem is busted sprinkler heads. There are many moving parts inside the average sprinkler head, which means there are many things that could go wrong. They can be tweaked, broken, crushed, and even pulled out of the ground by lawnmowers, edgers, and human error. They may also become clogged or misaligned, requiring clearing and adjustment to operate normally.

Broken Pipes – If you have pipes installed above or underground that are broken or cracked, it is time to call a professional. We can repair damaged pipelines that have been broken over time or as an effect of abuse and neglect. In most cases, we will have to dig to get down to the irrigation repair and service pipes, so this is definitely a job for the pros.

Reduced Coverage – There are many reasons for water coverage to be lessened, which could lead to wilting flowers, dead grass patches, and plants in the summer, and issues with shrub or tree growth. Overgrown landscaping, weeds, and other problems may become a factor in reduced coverage of your irrigation system that may not cause sprinkler system repairs but may require significant lawn care.

Our experts at Tucson Irrigation can get your sprinklers back up and running, check the pipes and values, program your system on a seasonal basis, and prepare for warmer weather.

Irrigation Repair Tucson AZ

Have you been thinking about your sprinklers for a while? If so, your irrigation system may be delayed for maintenance. Tucson Irrigation provides a Tucson irrigation repair and maintenance service to help Tucson homeowners keep their systems in tip-top shape. This is why repairs and routine maintenance are very important:

Repair of Damaged Parts

Over time, parts of the irrigation system may get damaged. When parts are damaged, the system cannot function as well as they would usually do. Broken sprinkler heads may leave areas of your lawn unwatered, usually causes the grass to turn brown.

Ensure Correct Watering Coverage

Your lawn has to be watered evenly to make it look its best. Inconsistent irrigation can leave some areas overwatered and damaged, while other areas are underwater and brown. Irrigation systems must be maintained regularly to ensure that every part of the lawn gets the water it requires.

Reduce Water Waste

Arizona lawns need varying amounts of water from one month to the next. If your irrigation system’s schedule doesn’t change with the seasons because it’s broken, you could be overwatering your lawn all year. It’s a waste of water (and it’s bad for your lawn).

Save Money

Most people want to save money on their monthly bills. By following the right irrigation schedule, it’s possible to save 10 to 20% of your monthly water bill. Over time, those savings add up!

Regular irrigation repair and maintenance is an essential part of keeping your lawn looking its best. With Tucson Irrigation, you will enjoy a healthy, green lawn.

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Our company, Tucson Irrigation, specializes in sprinkler repair, maintenance, design, and start-up services, including lawn and landscaping services. Our sprinklers are of high quality, and our prices are impossible to beat.

As we need water to survive and thrive, so does your lawn. A well-built and well-maintained irrigation system will ensure that the roots are strong. Your lawn retains its crude-green color throughout the year.

Are you the proud owner of a lawn irrigation system, but you can’t get it to work? Let our professional crew fix it for you, then. Contact us, and we will be there in a matter of minutes to see how we can be of service.

We understand the importance of an adequate irrigation system. Without proper water flow, your lawn won’t grow healthy and green. This is why we are more than happy to assist you in knowing and fix any sprinkler-related issues.

Remember that our primary concerns are your satisfaction and overall lawn health. We can go that extra mile to solve your problems. Call us today!

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Here in Arizona, long, hot, and arid summers can take their toll on the healthiest gardens. A well-designed and well-maintained lawn irrigation system will help to overcome the harsh sunshine effects and keep your garden looking lush and alive.

Irrigation systems have to cope with a wide range of environmental factors that could significantly affect the functionality of the system. A poorly maintained irrigation system is putting your luscious lawn and landscape at risk. Also, it will hurt your wallet, especially if you get your bill for excessive water use.

We at Tucson Irrigation can respond quickly to your irrigation repairs and service requirements. If you feel your irrigation system is not working as well as it used to, don’t put it off any longer a cal us today and let us fix your irrigation issues before they get worse.

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