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Automatic Sprinkler System

Possibly one of the best things about an expertly installed automatic lawn sprinkler system is that it can help you save a lot of water and thus enjoy reduced monthly water bills. Savings are best felt among people who are somewhat oblivious and often accidentally leave manually operated sprinklers switched on for hours. Water conservation is obviously good for the environment as well. This is because a lot of household water supplies are linked to treatment plants that use huge quantities of chemicals and energy to purify the water so that it is safe to consume. The best lawn irrigation systems are created to use the minimum amount of water needed to keep the grass fresh and healthy.

While it is possible to purchase DIY automatic sprinkler systems, it is highly recommended that a professional like us at Tucson Irrigation install your system. That way, you can guarantee that all the sprinkler heads are positioned in the optimum arrangement for complete, even coverage. Note that if you got a rainwater storage reservoir in your garden, it might be possible to attach the water input feed tube to that reservoir.

Many different manufacturers and companies offer residential lawn sprinkler systems, so it is important to research the quality and reputation of products and installers.

A fresh, luscious green lawn is something that most properties have been waiting for, but lack the patience to maintain a proper water schedule during the warmer seasons. With an automatic watering system, you’re never going to have to think about watering your lawn again. It will remain healthy all year round. Call us today to learn more!

Tucson Automatic Sprinkler System

Maintaining a high standard of lawn can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the right systems in place. It is very hard to keep your lawn green and your gardens beautiful without water. Some areas are lucky enough to have decent rainfall all year round. Still, for anyone who doesn’t have the luxury of rainfall, sprinkler systems are the best way to deliver water to your lawns and gardens.

If your current watering method involves dragging a hose out to your lawn and spending up to an hour every day watering your lawn and gardens, then perhaps setting up an automatic sprinkler system is the best alternative for you. There are a lot of reasons to choose an automatic sprinkler system for your landscape, and here are just some of the advantages:

Convenience – The clearest reason for installing an automatic sprinkler system is to make watering your yard more convenient by saving you time. With an automatic sprinkler system, you may set timers so that the sprinklers automatically turn on and water the lawn at specific times throughout the day or week. You could set them to run for a specific duration of time. They could also be set to different water areas of your yard at different times based on the use of spaces and types of plants that need to be irrigated.

Aesthetic Appeal and Safety – Unattended hoses are a tripping hazard, and they are also unsightly when not rolled up after use. Installing sprinkler systems means that these two negative aspects of hose irrigation no longer exist. When an automatic sprinkler system is set up under the ground with pop-up sprinklers, you won’t even know they ‘re there unless you see them working. Automatic sprinkler heads seem to disappear after they’ve finished watering your lawn, so they’re not a danger to anyone. This fact also makes them a much more esthetically pleasing garden watering solution.


Water At The Right Time – Watering your lawn at an optimum time is vital for water conservation. When the sun is high, watering means that your gardens are prone to higher evaporation levels and could waste up to 25% of the water used. Adjusting your timers to function in the morning as opposed to the evening will also mean that your plants are less prone to disease, which can happen if your lawn stays moist all night.

Water The Right Amount – Advanced automatic sprinkler systems have weather and soil moisture sensors to distribute the accurate amount of water where and when it is needed. Advanced sprinkler systems skip scheduled lawn watering when rain is detected to avoid drenching your lawn, which would also save you money.

Water While You’re Out Of Town – Automatic sprinkler systems allow you to set a timer for every day of the year, even when you are away on vacation. This ensures your lawn receives the attention it deserves while you are gone.

If you are ready to install a sprinkler system in your yard, we can get right to work. Contact us today!

Automatic Sprinkler System Tucson

Our Tucson Irrigation staff only uses the latest and state-of-the-art equipment to meet all your irrigation needs. We are now installing automatic sprinkler systems that will automatically calculate the irrigation cycles to deliver just the perfect amount of water to all your plant material while lessening surface runoff. Once you’ve been set up, you ‘re ready to monitor and adjust your sprinkler system anywhere. This fascinating system automatically adjusts your watering schedule based on the current weather.

Our full-time staff is available 24 hours a day for any of your irrigation needs. We maintain the market any type of residential or commercial sprinkler system.

Tucson Irrigation offers a lot of options for service contracts to meet your specific requirements. Choosing the appropriate automatic irrigation system design and maintenance package for your property or home in Tucson will be custom designed to best suit all your lawn and landscape needs and budget.

Choosing the right company from local sprinklers and irrigation companies is an important step in ensuring that your lawn is properly treated. Our skilled experts will install automatic sprinklers to protect your landscape and help maintain and maintain your plant material while preserving water. Call us today for a free quotation!

Automatic Sprinkler System Near Me

What makes us the best choice among local irrigation companies is that we’re already working hard across the community, helping more property owners in Tucson save on quality maintenance solutions. No matter where you need our skillful technicians, we’re still the best option in Tucson and nearby areas.

Whether you need our help for your residential or local business automatic sprinkler system services, we ‘re willing and able to help 24/7. Wherever there is a sprinkler system that needs help or a property that needs an efficient sprinkler system installed, you ‘re going to find us hard at work. Schedule us today for the best in automatic irrigation services and save on the professional quality you deserve.

No matter what residential irrigation repair options you are looking for, we always guarantee better results. No one else is offering the quality home sprinkler repair that we do every day, all at reasonable prices. Work with us today!

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