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Is your water bill going out of control from manually watering plants for too long? You think you’re being generous with your plants, but you might actually be overwatering them. Or worse, you think you spent a lot of time watering when it should have been only a couple of minutes. Then you are left wondering why your plants are turning brown and shrivelling. You are investing a considerable amount of time when you water every plant in your yard right now. If any of the above happened, it is time to upgrade to an efficient irrigation system.

Irrigation systems are perfect for people who like automated things that operate with little or no effort. In addition to its convenience, irrigation systems can be designed to measure the appropriate amount of water your plants need for proper health. You’re never going to have to worry about watering your plants over or under again.

Did you know that setting up an irrigation system is one of the top ways to go green in your property? Due to its simplistic use and expert measurement, irrigation systems save hundreds of gallons of water each year. Keeping water is not just a great way to save money, it’s a great way to save the planet. No more wasting water with hoses running continuously. All you need to do is get an irrigation system installed, and you could cut your water waste by 30-60%. If you want to go green in your backyard, an irrigation system can help you reduce water waste.

Your irrigation system is important to the long-term well-being of your landscape. A broken/leaking system, or poorly adjusted controller, can harm your plants, encourage insect infestation, create unsightly puddles and runoff, and be a source of abnormally high water bills. It does not take long to recognize the importance of maintaining functional irrigation. When irrigation issues arise, you can count on the Sonoran Gardens’ Service Technicians to locate the origin of your problem and remedy it.

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Irrigation Tucson AZ

Are you constantly chasing the seemingly unattainable goal of a lush green lawn? Tired of pulling out the hose and the sprinkler, huh? Live in an area that does not get a lot of rain? If you can relate to some of these issues, an irrigation system might be exactly what you need. Here are a few things you have to think about when you consider your lawn watering options.

Irrigation systems are going to save time. They’re designed to do the watering job for you. New technology helps irrigation systems to know when and where water is needed, without prodding homeowners. They allow busy people to get home from work and unwind and help parents enjoy kids’ soccer weekend games free of worry about watering chores. They do require occasional observation to ensure that they are working properly, though. Here are some tips:

Assess all existing water options. Drinking water can be very expensive on your lawn and is often restricted during dry spells. Well, or pond water needs pumping costs, but it may be more affordable. If reclaimed water is accessible in your community, the costs are usually much lower and may be a prime consideration for watering needs. However, the transport and use of logistics should be assessed.

Consider the size of the lawn. If you have a small lawn, it might make sense to set up hoses and sprinklers when your lawn needs water. Adding a shut-off valve to the socket allows you to walk away without worrying that you will forget to shut it down. Using sprinklers on bigger lawns obviously requires more hoses, more time, and more effort.

Know what options are available for irrigation systems. While it is extremely convenient to have a system that can be set up to run a few nights a week, clock-controlled systems can be wasteful technology if not properly managed.

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Irrigation Near Me

Now that you have realized the importance of having a home irrigation system, it’s important to start deciding which home irrigation company is best for you. Before you start looking around, do some online and in-person research about which company would be great for you, here are some qualifications to keep in mind.

Check the background of the company: it is important to see the different qualities of the company, like how long they have been in operation and what services they can provide for you. While their website will tell you the dates, services, and positive feedback they have received, it is also vital to do a little more digging.

Superb Customer Service: Some companies do not have a customer service provider who responds to phone calls. Would you like to work with a company that doesn’t put its customers first? What happens if there’s an emergency, and you’re greeted by an answering machine instead of a person? It is best to choose a company like us at Tucson Irrigation that has an active staff ready for you than a company that pays nothing to its clients.

Hidden fees: the most critical part of any negotiation is to realize that the total price of everything was more costly than you think. Make sure you’re going through every detail of the bill to make sure you don’t get any extra charges.

Free consultation: In the same style as hidden fees, check that the company you are interested in offers a free consultation. If you are stressed by the above qualifications about having to choose a company that marks off all checklist boxes, look no further than Tucson Irrigation.

We specialize in enhancing your property to its absolute potential. If you need to install a home irrigation system in your property, they know how to make sure your lawn is a town talk. Our in-ground sprinkler systems are all self-sufficient watering systems that could save time and money while still saving some water. All you need to do is to set the system as the seasons come and go, but even that’s as simple as pressing a button! Most of the changes you want to make to your home irrigation system can be made from the control panel inside your property.

Work with us today and let us transform your dream lawn into a reality.

Irrigation Will Not Shut Off

You did your homework, and you know your sprinkler system needs to be turned off for the winter. You don’t freeze the water and cause damage to the pipes, and you want to preserve and protect the sprinkler for optimal performance next spring. What happens when you turn off your sprinkler, and the system doesn’t shut down?

If the zone keeps running after you’ve turned it off, it’s clear that something doesn’t work properly. The underlying idea may be as simple as a scheduling error, or it may be more serious and may involve a mechanical error.

It is hard to know precisely what caused the irrigation system not to turn off, so your best gamble is to shut down the water supply and call a professional who can evaluate the issue. The sprinkler valves probably need good cleaning because dirt and debris can get trapped in the valve and cause problems.

If your efforts fail, let a reliable and established irrigation company evaluate the problem and fix the system in no time to ensure that you do not waste water and, therefore, money. Tucson Irrigation has been servicing homes in the Tucson and nearby areas for years. Our team of experts can fix your irrigation problems anytime. Call us today and don’t let these things inconvenience you.

Is an Irrigation System Worth It?

If you are interested in improving the overall appearance of your home, an irrigation system is worth the investment. With a multitude of benefits and features, irrigation systems provide the right amount of water that your landscaping needs to thrive on. Whether you’re looking to give more attention and care to dry patches, if you like the idea of saving money and time, or if you want to add value to your home, an irrigation system might be the answer.

Once upon a time, irrigation systems were the basic agricultural tools used by farmers. In today’s world, it is essential for homeowners and facility managers around the world. For a lot of people, sprinklers no longer cut it, and individuals turn to irrigation systems to meet their needs. No matter how large your outdoor space is, an irrigation system could improve the quality of landscaping.

An Irrigation System Saves Time

Time is money, and the irrigation systems can save both of you. The irrigation system can be automated to avoid the need to spend a considerable amount of time watering flowers, sod, etc. Instead of wasting hours trying to water your yard and/or garden evenly, let your irrigation system do the work so that you can spend time with friends and family rather than with your sprinklers and watering hose.

With innovative technology, Tucson Irrigation supplies customers with products from well-known and reliable irrigation systems providers: Hunter and Rain Bird. Both of these providers let individuals control their irrigation systems through their smartphones and offer custom parts for an automated system designed to meet individual desires and needs.

Saves Money, Too!

Over and underwatering your landscape can make you spend more money than you really need. With an automated irrigation system, you do not have to worry about wasting energy and money while watering outdoor spaces. Even if you are not concerned about water conservation, you’ll be glad to see your water payment go down in the future.


While saving money and time, irrigation systems make your life much easier and more convenient. Sprinters are only an option for a majority of people if you can stay at home for a long time to avoid overwatering. Irrigation systems solve this problem. You are going to be able to leave home when you want with no worry about your yard. Instead, your system will conveniently water the lawn with the right amount of water at the right time. Getting rid of one more trouble in your life, like lawn care, will allow you to spend more time doing what you enjoy.

The Tucson Irrigation team wants to provide our clients with the best products and services to ensure gorgeous and well-maintained landscaping. With customizable systems and maintenance programs, your lawn will look more attractive in no time. Save a huge amount and invest in an irrigation system today!

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