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Your irrigation system is crucial to the long-term well-being of your lawn or landscape. A malfunctioning system, or poorly adjusted controller, can harm your plants, encourage insect infestation, create unsightly puddles and runoff, and be a source of abnormally high water bills. It does not take long to know the importance of maintaining a functional irrigation system. When irrigation issues occur, you can count on the Tucson Irrigation team of experts to diagnose and rectify your problem’s origin.

We are pleased to provide high-quality irrigation and sprinkler services to the residential and commercial communities of Tucson, Arizona. Our team has years of experience and continuously strives to provide exceptional customer service every time.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our valued customers get quick installation and service of irrigation systems. We can easily install or replace your complete irrigation system. We serve both commercial and residential accounts.

If you would like to conserve water, lessen your monthly water bill and lower your maintenance fees, please call us today. Help our community to make a positive impact on the environment through professional irrigation and upgrades and sprinkler services.

If your business or home is in the Tucson, Arizona area and you would like to know more about our sprinkler and irrigation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have assisted thousands of customers in and around the Tucson area. Requests range from monthly sprinkler maintenance to complete installations for new homes. We can help you, no matter how small or large the project is.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Water Sprinkler

Make your lawn appear like an oasis with our top-notch sprinkler installations in Tucson. You do not have to have a dry front yard when we can offer you the best kind of sprinklers for your home. We understand that some people have a substantial visual appeal. Which is why we’re working so hard to make sure you get a long-lasting set of sprinklers that reach every corner of your lawn. You often see broken sprinklers, or maybe systems that trigger them to run out of the day at the wrong times. How many times did you see sprinklers running while it was raining? This is a horrible sight because the system owner is probably unaware that they are using valuable resources inefficiently. Do not let this happen to your home or to your business. Instead, get the proper irrigation system for your Tucson lawn by calling us. We can stop at your convenience to thoroughly inspect what kind of work you need to do for your property.

Another great part of working with us to install your Tucson sprinklers is that we have all the latest high-tech equipment to handle an efficient yet easy-to-use irrigation system. With us as your expert Tucson sprinkler contractors, a greener lawn can be achieved.

Our team has the experience, skills, and expertise to create the most efficient irrigation systems in Tucson, AZ. You should choose us as your first choice whenever you need any work done on your sprinklers. Our customers love the fact that they could rely on us to build an irrigation system in Tucson that will last. Do not waste your money with other less experienced contractors, get the job done right for the first time by calling us at Tucson Irrigation today!

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Irrigation System

A properly installed irrigation system has a number of advantages for both you and your yard. It helps to create and maintain a beautiful lawn. Still, a professional irrigation setup can save you money, time, and energy that you can spend on watering your yard by yourself.

There are several signs that your manual irrigation system may fail and that you should consider an irrigation system. These signs include inadequate distribution of water, brown grass, and plant failure. You may also have issues with an aging irrigation system that you haven’t kept a close eye on, including leaky valves, bad sprinkler heads, and improper drainage.

These problems could affect wastewater and lead to higher utility bills. If you have a manual irrigation system or your current irrigation system has had better days, it might be the perfect moment to invest in a brand new, expertly designed irrigation system.

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Great Looking Yards Have Great Irrigation Systems

One of the most obvious benefits of irrigation is to protect your yards, plants, and trees from inefficient irrigation and drought. A perfectly-designed system ensures that your grass and plants have the right amount of water. In dryer seasons or periods of low rainfall, the irrigation system may be the difference between brown grass and dying plants and the best-looking yard in your neighborhood.

Too much water is bad, if not worse, than not having enough water. Excess water can damage your soil, drown your plants, and even lead to weed germination. The irrigation system helps to control the amount of water you use. Proper absorption and drainage are important parts of a good irrigation system.

Save Energy and Time with an Irrigation System

The irrigation system is great for ensuring that your yard and plants are watered at optimal times. It is the best time to water early in the morning or shortly before nightfall, giving you a little less to worry about when you’re getting ready for work or trying to relax. The irrigation system ensures that your yard receives water when you’re away for an extended period of time.

When you have an expertly installed irrigation system, your landscaper will take into account other factors when designing your systems. These include the regional climate and land tenure. This will help you reach maximum efficiency, saving you from dragging the hose around the yard and continuously tweaking your system’s output.

If you want an expertly designed irrigation system installed in your home or business, please contact us at Tucson Irrigation. We will help you identify areas of your yard that would most benefit from an irrigation system and help you get on the way to a healthier, better-looking lawn. Please call us today!

Irrigation Maintenance Packages

We are taking irrigation seriously. To improve the health of your irrigation system, we recommend routine seasonal maintenance. It is vital to guarantee maximum performance throughout the sprinkling season.

The biggest benefit of having an irrigation system is that while the design and installation may be expensive at an early stage, a lot of maintenance should not be required once installed. Irrigation systems are also known to last a long time. The only real cost you will have after installation is your water bill, but again, you are using it more efficiently. This means that the irrigation system is a great long-term investment for your yard, saving you costs over time.

Whether you need to have your irrigation system maintained or your existing system repaired, we can take care of it! We got it covered. Our highly qualified field technicians can meet all your system needs, from general maintenance to repairing cut lines and broken heads to leaking valves and cutting electrical lines.

Please call us today to get more information on our maintenance packages. We have been servicing lawns and landscapes in Tucson for years. We have a team of experts who can work wonders on your landscape. Call us today and put your irrigation problems to rest!

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Sprinkler System

Without water, it’s impossible to have a green lawn. While some places are lucky enough to get exactly the right amount of rainwater, we have sprinklers to provide water to the whole lawn for the rest of us.

How are you watering your grass? You may think of setting up an automatic sprinkler system if you are currently dragging a hose to a portable sprinkler head yard. Here are a few benefits of sprinkler systems to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler System

Convenience: The most apparent reason to go automatic is to make watering your lawn a less practical experience. You can set the timer so that the sprinklers automatically pop up and water your lawn at set times on particular days within the week.

Esthetics and safety: there is nothing attractive about a garden hose stretching across the lawn. If you forgot to remove the hose after every watering session, this unpretty sight is the side effect. The hose is also a dangerous hazard for children and pets who play in the yard. On the other hand, sprinkler system heads pop up from the ground, water your lawn, and disappear once they’re finished. This makes automatic sprinklers safer and more esthetically pleasing.

Water at the optimal time: Experts suggest watering your lawn early in the morning. When the sun is down, watering minimizes evaporation, and choosing morning rather than evening curtails the spread of disease that may occur if your lawn stays wet all night long. The easiest way to take advantage of early-morning watering is to set the timer of your sprinkler system.

Water the optimal amount: Our advanced sprinkler systems feature soil moisture and weather sensors to deliver the precise amount of water right when it is needed. By sensing rain, an advanced sprinkler system in Tucson will skip the scheduled watering to prevent over-saturating your lawn and save you money.

Water even while you are out of town: Summer is a very popular time to go on a vacation. Just because you have to get away does not mean you will suffer from a yellow lawn when you get back. Automatic sprinklers eliminate the need to request for your neighbor to water your lawn for you while you are out of town.

Are you interested in getting a sprinkler system installed in your landscape? Call us today!

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Tucson Irrigation


Most residential and commercial property owners in Tucson use excessive amounts of water to keep their grass and landscape green and fresh. It costs them more money than is necessary.

Watering systems, on the other hand, are extremely efficient than any other form of watering: no more missing patches of green turf or watering pavements. The irrigation system will place the precise amount of water at the exact location, exactly where it is needed.

You are getting the consistency and balance that hoses and moving sprinklers cannot do. The lawn is a reflection of you, so put it in a reliable watering system and let the lawn shine.

Setting up a watering system helps transform your grass into a green, healthy, beautiful lawn you always wanted. Lawn irrigation systems are the most practical way to ensure that your yard receives the hydration it needs without over-watering.

Irrigation systems work on their own, so there is no more time to wash manually. Now you’ve got more time to do the things you love while your lawn gets what it needs to thrive on.

The benefits of the irrigation system outweigh the initial costs of the system, which will compensate for itself faster than you think.

Installing an irrigation system will also preserve water while maintaining a healthful landscape.

If you need an irrigation system installed on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Irrigation Repair

When your system is working properly, you’re barely going to notice it is there. This is because automatic irrigation systems need little maintenance and little adjustment since they run on pre-programmed settings. However, if you notice any of the problems below, call us at Tucson Irrigation immediately.

Low or high water pressure: do you see water puddles everywhere? Is the soil so dry that it starts cracking? In-ground sprinkler heads that do not fully pop up can also be a sign of low water pressure.

Distribution patterns: a malfunctioning sprinkler or a drip irrigation system may show signs of uneven distribution of water. For example, one part of your landscape may get too much water, while the other part hardly gets any. As a result, the landscape wastes water.

Drip control valves: the control valve enables the right amount of water to be distributed to the right area. Under normal operating conditions, the control valve should not leak or drip water. In other words, it is time to call a repair specialist, like us at Tucson Irrigation.

High water bill: an accurately installed irrigation system should lower your water bill because it allows for precise watering. If your water bill spikes suddenly, you might have a leak somewhere.

You can turn to our trusted team of experts for quick and affordable maintenance & irrigation repairs around Tucson.

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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler repair services in Tucson, Arizona, may be needed for several reasons. One of the most common problems is that you do not have proper water coverage resulting in dry spots in your grass areas. This is a direct effect of not having proper sprinkler heads, nozzles, and layouts function the way they should.

Our Tucson Irrigation experts are extensively trained in head jet, spray, and overall sprinkler system repairs. We could install the proper head and riser to suit any kind of layout. We choose and install only top-quality sprinkler heads that provide the perfect coverage for any given area.

You could expect a lot of great benefits, like water conservation and a functional irrigation system, by choosing Tucson Irrigation as your trusted sprinkler repair company in Tucson. Our high-quality sprinkler system repairs guarantee great coverage while reducing your water charges significantly. The grass is constantly greener in Tucson with Tucson Irrigation.

For years, we have been servicing home and property owners in Tucson, Arizona, and nearby areas. We make sure that their Tucson lawns are beautiful with our efficient sprinkler repair services. Call us today and don’t miss out on having a stunning landscape that you can be proud of.

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Sprinkler System Repair

Water is very precious to the state of Arizona, as we are one of the driest states within the United States. Tucson Irrigation takes pride in helping our clients save not only water but also money with our sprinkler system repair. Runoff from sprinkler and drip systems is a leading contributor to wasted water—our technicians tune-up your heads and emitters, and everybody benefits. A properly programmed timer and a tune-up from Tucson Irrigation will guarantee a noticeable reduction to your bill. In addition, changing from a manual sprinkler system to the automatic sprinkler system will benefit you in plenty of ways, including reducing costs, time, and maintenance. Ask everyone what their favorite part of the automatic system is, and they’re going to tell you that it is a pure convenience.

Having an automatic sprinkler system will also save time by releasing the hours you spent dragging the hose around the yard, trying to ensure you do not miss a spot. Bonus: If you leave town, your yard will still be watered!

Automatic sprinkling systems are meant to deliver the exact amount of water required for a specific area. Automatic sprinkler systems are working hard, so we don’t have to. Naturally, over time, they wear down and require replacements or repairs. Here at Tucson Irrigation, we service all brands of sprinkler systems, offering a variety of repair services, including broken and damaged sprinkler heads.

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Automatic Sprinkler System

If you’re tired of keeping a constant vigil over your lawn and manually moving a sprinkler from the front yard to the backyard to keep your grass green, you might want to consider installing an automatic irrigation system. While it may appear that having a sprinkler system that turns on automatically would use a lot of water, an efficient system can actually help you save water by letting you customize the amount you need in certain areas.

Plus, today’s systems are pretty smart. Automated features decide when it’s raining too much or too little, then adjust the amount of water your landscaping gets. That lowers your concern quotient, heads off costly over-watering, and makes the entire system almost maintenance-free.

Having a beautiful lawn that gives green grass and healthy vegetation can improve the value of your home, enhance the attractive appearance of your property and create a comfortable atmosphere when you and your family are socializing or playing outside.

Because rainfall could be inconsistent, the most effective way to maintain the quality of your lawn is to use an automatic sprinkler system. Knowing how to install a sprinkler system and understanding the average cost can help you develop a thriving landscape.

Using an automatic sprinkler system to water your lawn has many advantages:

Less stress: the automatic system is hands-off: you don’t have to go outside frequently to water the lawn or adjust the manual sprinkler. Instead, automatic sprinklers are equipped with a reliable timer and sensor system to ensure that your lawn receives the appropriate water without the need for you to operate the system.

More efficiency: Automatic systems can easily increase the efficiency of your irrigation system by distributing the precise amount of water to every area of your lawn. This helps your landscaping thrive.

More sense: Many automatic sprinklers also have rain sensors that could turn the sprinklers off during periods of heavy rain and then turn the system back on when required. This keeps water and saves you money. Sophisticated soil sensors that can determine the moisture level of your soil are another option.

Hiring automatic sprinkler system experts like Tucson Irrigation will ensure that your sprinkler system operates accurately and that your landscape is effectively irrigated. Call us today, and let’s talk about how we can improve your landscape and your life!

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